The world is going gaga over this man’s performance in cricket lately. He isn’t a regular young sportsman, but one who is making his mark swiftly in the game. His practices outside field are what make him a brilliant cricketer on field. No exaggeration there for sure. Let’s see what our young entrepreneurs can learn from this remarkable young athlete.

Time Management 

We all have 24 hours in a day, but you’d be surprised to know how little one can do in those hours and how another can make the most of those hours. Being precise, strict and disciplined is a quality that is a must need for all entrepreneurs. Prioritising tasks should be one thing that needs to be a focus on; plan, prepare and schedule your day in an efficient manner and you’ll be step closer to your goal.

Willingness to Learn

The idea of learning something new everyday should be engrained in every entrepreneur. As we grow up, our curiosity gradually dies and we get into our set ways of doing things. Entrepreneurs need to know that being flexible and open to new ideas is something that will give them an edge over the others, which will eventually lead to a unique and refined product/service.

Handling Pressure

Who knows this better than cricketers on field? The whole world bites their nail in front of the TV screen in the living room when our players need 6 runs from 3 balls. Entrepreneurs should know how to tackle pressure just as well. A client or an investor pitch meeting can be just as nerve wracking and knowing how to calm oneself is a trick not everyone can master. So, buckle up, take a deep breath and just go do it!

Challenge Yourself

A cricket pitch is not same around the world, and the same goes for circumstances for entrepreneurs. Every step will have new hurdles that will need overcoming. Instead of giving up, accept challenges like these and devise ways to get a solution. A mantra in Buddhism states that instead of ‘finding’ a solution, one should ‘remember’ it. This tricks the mind into thinking that a solution exists and you only have to force yourself to remember it, leaving you hopeful and undefeated.

Right Attitude

Your attitude can get you past any situation at all; and this doesn’t apply just to entrepreneurs. Most of your problems will vanish when you deal with them with the attitude of overcoming obstacle rather than feeling self-pity. Giving your 100 percent every day in every situation, be it a small meeting or a major pitch, is something that will bring out the best in you. Remember, in this dog eat dog world of business, no one will stop to help you get up; so you’re on your own.

Feature Image Courtesy: Business Insider