What Do Women Want? A Day To Celebrate Womanhood?

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A few years ago, I wished my teacher on the occasion of International Women’s Day. I was expecting a positive reply from her side. But that didn’t happen. She asked me what is so special about the day. I was blank. She further went on to explain why we no longer need a single day to celebrate women. Her remark made a lot of sense to me. Since then, I try to celebrate women and their achievements every day.

The onset of March is marked with the world waking up to the realization that women are an important stratum of society and deserve respect. Large-scale events are planned celebrating women from all walks of life.  But do we really need to reserve a special day to celebrate womanhood? Does it point towards the direction that the remaining days are reserved for men?

SheThePeople.Tv spoke to some women entrepreneurs regarding their take on this issue.

Shireen Mehra, founder of Women On Clouds, finds the whole concept very unrealistic. She says,

“This is a question I ask myself each year as we enter the month of March. If you are on Twitter, you will read so many posts by millions of people tweeting and wishing women – a very happy women’s day. It’s as if we are a small minority breed with limited capabilities and we need a day to celebrate us. It’s as if we are a small, victimized group that needs today to be patronized.”

She added, “I understand why it was created; to create equality for men and women. To make the world realize that women also need the same status, opportunities and respect as men in the workfront, at home and in society. But the International Women’s Day reeks of gender bias, it perpetuates the very attitude it’s working against. It glorifies women as some special breed needing special status.”

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Saumyaa Vardhan, Founder Of Shubhpuja.com, says:

“I am more of a believer of celebrating different roles of woman such as Mother’s Day and appreciating them for their selfless efforts and hard work performing those roles. On any day, we should celebrate their uniqueness and not their mere existence.”

Latika Wadhwa, Founder Of Mastyle Care, says:

“No, we don’t require to have one particular day to celebrate womanhood as each and every day is a celebration with a lot of women coming up and becoming bold to bring about a  change. But when it comes to rejoicing over achievements, inspiring the ecosystem and giving back to society in a collaborative manner, a special day is kept so that thousands of voices could be heard. Women’s Day is a day to celebrate the gender equality.  In recent years, a lot of men too have joined hands to enhance the celebrations.”

Sakshi Talwar, Founder of Rugs And Beyond, believes in the power of celebrating Women’s Day every day.

“In my opinion, we really do not need a particular day to commemorate “Women’s Day”. I staunchly believe that women should be celebrated every day. Women have the ability to nurture and transform. It’s so important to uplift, motivate and empower women. Every single day should be remembered as Women’s Day since women are the epitome of true courage and should never ever be underestimated.”

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