What Coimbatore Can Teach Other Cities About Women’s Safety

The past fortnight hasn’t been easy for Indian women. Consecutive cases of molestation reported in Bengaluru and Delhi on New Year’s Eve have, once again, given rise to a volley of questions. The concerned authorities are, however, exhibiting lack of interest in the most pressing issue that our country is facing. Isn’t it ironical that a country which claims to be the next superpower has failed miserably in making its women powerful enough to roam around freely in the country?

In ensuring safety for its women, cities like Delhi, Haryana and Bengaluru must take a cue from Coimbatore which has topped the list of safest Indian cities in the country for women. The poll was conducted by the National Crime Records Bureau. Read on to know the various factors that make it a haven for women.

1. Vigilant cops

Coimbatore is fortunate to have police officers who do not believe in shirking their duties. They conduct regular checks at places thronged by women. So cases of eve-teasing and molestation are scarce in the city. The authorities organize workshops in schools and colleges to sensitize the masses about these issues and also suggest them preventive measured needed to thwart the problem in the first place.

2. Polite Cab Drivers

Unlike cab drivers in Delhi who are difficult to rely upon, Coimbatore mostly has polite cabbies who are as much concerned about their passengers’ safety as much as they are. They treat their female passengers with a lot of respect.

3. People’s concern towards this issue

It’s not only about the cops, the people of Coimbatore are genuinely bothered about women’s safety. They believe in making women aware of their surroundings and not shifting the entire blame on her.

4. Installation of CCTVs

One important reason that makes this city women-friendly is the number and extent of CCTVs installed in the city. There is one installed at every nook and corner of the city. These devices ensure that no one dares to jeopardize the safety of women.

5. Public transport is safe

Most of the times, the factor that restricts a woman’s mobility is its unsafe transportation system. Coimbatore, interestingly, earns brownie points here as well. There are hardly any molestation cases reported at bus-stands or railway stations. Women feel quite secure while travelling late at night also.

If one Indian city can commit to provide its women with the dignity, safety and respect that they deserve, why can’t other cities like Bengaluru and Delhi emulate the same?

Charvi is an intern with SheThePeople.TV

Feature Image Credit: blog.indiaproperty.com