Who Is Hassina Ahmed? Video Of Woman’s Racist Attack In UK Train Goes Viral

Who Is Hassina Ahmed
Who is Hassina Ahmed? A 22-year-old woman in the United Kingdom is at the receiving end of backlash on the internet as a video of her engaging in a racist spat with passengers on an underground train goes viral.

The incident reportedly occurred in West Ham on the night of July 16. The woman enters into an altercation, hurling racist expletives at some Black co-passengers, as seen in the video. Following social media outrage against her online, Ahmed alleged in an interview that she was provoked after the Algerian man in question on the subway remarked on her religion and choice of clothes.

He tried to chat her up and asked for her number, she told Daily Mail“I told him to leave me alone because I’m Muslim.”

“‘What sort of Muslim woman are you? Look at the way you’re dressed. You’re showing off your body. You’re a whore, you should be ashamed of yourself,'” she alleged the Algerian man told her after she rejected his advances.

All You Should Know About Who Is Hassina Ahmed And Why She Is Making Headlines

Ahmed has denied being capable of racism since she has Black roots too. Her mother is from Colombia and her father is from Kenya, she says. The young woman has further claimed she is autistic and was inebriated on the night of the incident on the underground.

“I’m proud to be a Muslim woman and there’s nothing in the religion that says that we have to cover up. It’s nobody’s business how I dress,” she says, adding the Algerian man’s statements pushed her to “defend” herself.

The video filmed by one of the men, Ahmed says, is not telling the “whole story.” She allegedly received death threats and had to shut off social media following the circulation of the video and its consequential backlash.

British authorities are reportedly probing the case. Ahmed claims she made a visit to the police station herself following the incidents on the train and has been asked to return once the CCTV investigations are complete.