West Bengal Violence Against Women : Horrific Viral Images, Videos Emerge

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Bengal Burning is a hashtag that has trended since the end of elections in West Bengal and at the centre of it all is violence against women. While as the country grapples with a massive and unstoppable COVID wave, India’s political scene remain volatile.

West Bengal, which recently concluded elections and saw the victory of Mamata Banerjee of All India Trinamool Congress, for a third term, is going through internal turmoil and volatility. Reports suggest some of this is politically motivated. Horrific videos have emerged on social media of women being beaten up by goons. SheThePeople could not independently verify these videos. However, this is a detailed and updated report. Read on for all the latest developments.

Today, PM Narendra Modi expressed concern at law and order situation in Bengal, tweeted at the state’s Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar. Dhankar tweeted today to say that the Prime Minister expressed “serious anguish and concern at alarmingly worrisome law and order situation”.

The Governor then did a tweet tagging Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, where he said, “I share grave concerns given that violence vandalism, arson. loot and killings continue unabated”.

As the above tweets show, videos that went viral show women being beaten up. Mahua Moitra of All India Trinamool Congress tweeted that the videos of BJP poll agents being gangraped were fake. Moitra posted a screenshot of the West Bengal Police.

Moitra further claimed via social media that BJP was ‘busy disseminating’ a nationwide fake news campaign on Bengal Burning.

Trigger Warning. Actor Kangana Ranaut put out an image of a woman allegedly raped in the state. “Gang raped BJP worker by TMC goons,  Indira Gandhi imposed emergency 39 times, and she told international media India does not care what you think get lost, this gawar blood thirsty dehati nation does not know the language of love Modi ji, they need danda #Bengal #BengalBurning”

And in a series of other tweets, inciting violence, called for need for “super gundai to kill gundai”

Kangana Ranaut’s twitter handle was suspended after the above tweet in which the actor is urging Prime Minister Narendra Modi to “tame” Mamata Banerjee using his “Virat Roop” from “early 2000s” in Bengal. The tweet sparked outrage and reportedly led to banning of her twitter account.

NCW on Women in Bengal

Independently, National Commission of Women led by Rekha Sharma tweeted on more than one occasion that the commission would look into violence against women in the state post elections.

Other political party members also spoke about the state of West Bengal.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on her part appealed to maintain peace.

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