Ways to eliminate gender pay-gap

The increasing, or at least stagnant gender pay gap has been discussed a lot of times in the past. As grave as the problem is, it is high time to stop discussing the problem and start figuring out solutions. A recent report by The Guardian, proposed five ways in which we could end the gender gap.

1. Government Interference

If the government makes it compulsory for companies to report their remuneration policies and make the related procedures more transparent, questions can be put up and matters can be discussed if there is an unfair system. Due to the lack of any such body, organizations and firm get away with a biased pay system.


2. Checking your company’s data

If you happen to be the CEO of your company or in some way have access and power to amend policies, you should act on it, believes Harriet Minter, the editor of the Guardian’s Women in Leadership section.


3. Women standing up for themselves

Even though women are the victims, reports show that most women don’t ask for money. She adds, “So ladies, next time you find yourself discussing your salary, decide what the job is worth and then add 20%. It is completely ridiculous that we all have to go through this rigmarole, but that is the world we’re living in.”


[Picture Courtesy:Feminspire]

4. It’s not about the children

A study has found that men without families to provide for earn less than the ones who do. The study further revealed the trend reversed in case of women.  Minter argues that this is proof that having children does not affect women’s dedication to their work.


5.Valuing women employees

Minter also points out that there is a general trend that professions that employ mostly women, pay less. This needs to change in order to ensure a gender balanced society as this reinforces the idea that women are worth less.