Watch Out For ‘The Little Women’ Remake

Little women

The beloved children’s classic is coming to TV via BBC. The book will be adapted into a three-episode mini series. The story will be set against the backdrop of the Civil war, and follows the four March sisters as they grow up. Their father is away at war, and they live with their mother Marmee.

The series is to be written by Heidi Thomas, who has written the hit “Call The Midwife”.

Five-time Tony award winner Angela Lansbury will play Aunt March.

Little Women has been adapted into three movies. The first movie was made with Katharine Hepburn in 1933, who played Jo March. In 1949, the movie was remade starring Elizabeth Taylor, and in 1994, it was rebooted once again, starring Kirsten Dunst, Winona Ryder, and Claire Danes.

Here is why we are excited about the remake and why we love Little Women:

Did you know that the book’s author Louisa May Alcott never wanted to write Little Women in the first place. She was asked by her publisher to write something for ‘little girls’ and Alcott wrote the book in just ten weeks!

We love the characters. There is Jo — the tomboy, Beth — the sister who Jo nurses, but fails to bring back to health, the youngest sister Amy who is only a little spoilt, and Meg the oldest, who is virtuous and hardworking.

The sisters had a great relationship, and had the passion and drive to create a life they wanted for themselves. Their love was enduring, and for the 1860s, they sure were strong, independent, feminist women, who made decisions for themselves.

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