Want some maternal advice? Call Rent a Mom

Rent A Mom Service in New York

For all those who seek motherly love and care in New York, Nina Keneally has started Need a Mom. Through this venture Keneally gives maternal suggestions to youngsters, middle-aged people or basically anyone.  63-year-old Keneally thinks that New York is home to many who don’t really have a home in it per se. Many in New York live away from their families and sometimes they are most in need of some advice from an elder person.

Keneally has had many jobs in her career from being an actor to a counsellor to drug-addicts. She began her business when she saw that many in Brunswick, New York found her solutions useful. Hence was born Need a Mom. She charges around $55 for an hour per client.

Some people just want some conversation, some feedback about what’s going on in their life,” Ms Keneally told People. Some of them have lost their parents or are estranged from their parents. I’ve been asked to help iron and clean out closets. One mother called me because her daughter had surgery and she wants me to look in on her to make sure everything is progressing well,” added Keneally, as reported by News.com.au.

The mother of two adult children however limits her services to cleaning her client’s room or doing their laundry. She cites that as is a conventional claim by moms, moms aren’t maids. Her services include “wardrobe clear-outs, resume reviews, ironing, or a cup of coffee and a chat,” writes Springwise.

Keneally differs from regular moms as she claims that she is not judgemental of people’s life choices like other moms. A “mom who won’t question your lifestyle choice or, be judgmental about your hair, your wardrobe, your friends, your vegan diet or (probably most importantly), ask you to be in a selfie with her,” asserts Keneally as stated by AOL.

As a twenty-something, we all are in a haze of what is happening around us. In those times of confusion, we all ned someone who is not related to us, but can just her us out. For that Keneally is always ready to be around and listen. Need a Mom provides those in conflict a solution much needed.

Picture Credit- Mom by Jobstr