Vivel Ad’s Freedom Call Is What You Should Watch Now

Andrea Tariang

New-age feminist activism is creating a lot of buzz these days. And one of the stellar and effective ways is through the audio-visual experience of showing empowerment. Soap brand Vivel is the latest one to become a part of the feminist movement and has recently come up with a video titled ‘Ab Samjhauta Nahi’ (No more compromise). The video aims to inspire women to value their own opinions and dreams, challenge status quo and therefore maximise their potential and live a fuller life.

The powerful video starts with famous classical singer Vidya Shah, then goes on to show eminent women from different fields like journalist Rana Ayyub, activist Ruchira Gupta, actor Andrea Tariang, author Chitra Devakurni Banerjee, journalist Sagarika Ghose, author Volga and so on and so forth.

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The video’s audio is a poem started by Vidya reciting, “Where the mind is without fear” taken forward by author Priyanka Mukherji, “And the head is held high” then Ruchira continues, “Where the Knowledge is free” Andrea resumes, “And the world has not been broken up into fragments into narrow domestic wants. And the video goes on with each person saying a hard-hitting phrase. It ends with saying, “Freedom does not come with compromises.”

The intense video shows the daunting expressions of the women in it and it just shouts out to the audience to fight for the freedom of womanhood. Women have for time immemorial compromised with their needs and wants. Now is the time to reclaim our existence in society and make it aware that we are here to live a life equal to any other gender living on this planet.

Vivel’s ad goes on to show how brands have now started acknowledging their social responsibility by addressing these issues rather than propagating them. However, it is not an unprecedented path as in the recent past many ads spoke against patriarchy and women’s rights in their own different ways like the Nike ad showcasing sportswomen, Vir Das’ deodorant ad against objectification, Jabong’s ad showing same sex love etc. These are just a few examples to show how commercialisation can also join in the struggle and ace it.

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