Visually Impaired Singer Plays 67 Songs In One Sitting, Sets New World Record

Vaikkom Vijayalakshmi - Malayalam Singer sets new world record

Singer Vaikkom Vijayalakshmi from Kerala has set a new world record. The visually-impaired singer played 67 songs on the Gayathri Veena in a single sitting for a straight five hours at a concert in Kochi on Sunday.

With this new record, she put behind the previous record of playing 51 songs in a single sitting. The organizers are now keen to place her achievement in the Guinness Book of World Records.

You wouldn’t believe if we told you that Vijayalakshmi’s pursuit of music and the never-ending love for it led her to call off her marriage two weeks ago. Her fiancé did not want her to perform at concerts, giving her an option to choose a more ordinary (for Vijayalakshmi of course!) job and asking her to become a music teacher in a school instead. The Malayalam singer, who is born blind, chose music over marriage and today she scripted history!

“I have no regrets over choosing music over marriage,” the talented singer said after the cancellation of her marriage, Hindustan Times reports. With the new record, she is up in the sky, letting others know that when music is the one true passion you’re drunk with, there’s no stopping you. By dropping her marriage plan, she became inspiration to many – not just in Kerala, but nation-wide.

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“It was my decision to call off the wedding and I will never regret it. Music is my life. I had surrendered my heart and soul to it and when a time came where I had to choose music or him, I opted for music because it is an integral part of me and has made me what I am today. My parents gave me complete freedom to take the final call. And I decided to break it off,” she told TOI in an interview.

Donning the musician’s hat in front of many eminent music composers and artists at a Universal Record Forum award is itself a great feat to achieve in a lifetime. After her latest triumph, the organisers of the concert said they would officially inform the Guinness Book of World Records about her achievement.

Initially, Vijayalakshmi, who is a state-award winner, had planned to play 52 songs on the Gayathri Veena, but she kept going and didn’t stop after the 52th song, going on to play a total 67 songs.

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“It is a dream come true for me. I dedicate this feat to my gurus and parents,” the singer from a small town said after her top-notch performance.

Her talent was sought out when at a young age, she could catch a tune at the first hearing and reproduce it exactly the same way.

Soon, she learned more than 100 ragas and made her own compositions.

“I see the world through my parents who sacrificed their whole life for me. They made music my life,” said the singer. Vijayalakshmi, till now, has showcased her talent in more than 750 stage performances.

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“Music is my life. I never felt my disability is a problem,” said the musician who refers legendary singer K J Yesudas her “manasa guru” (eternal guru).

We are all so proud of you Vijayalakshmi! Keep on inspiring us!

Feature Image Credit: Hindustan Times

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