Visually Impaired Girl Who Lost Both Her Parents Aces Class X Exams

Visually Impaired Girl Aces Class X Exams

Sandhya, a 16-year-old girl living in Mahadevanagar in Nanjangud, has surprised everyone with her dogged determination to succeed. The orphan despite being visually impaired has cleared her SSLC exam with flying colours. She has scored 94.08% and aspires to become an IAS officer.

She was very young when she lost her father. Her mother, a daily wage labourer, also passed away in September 2021. Since then, her sister’s family is looking after her.

When asked about how she prepared for the examination amidst so many challenges, she said that she worked really hard to score these marks and also thanked all her teachers who supported her.

Visually impaired girl aces class X exams despite losing both her parents. She aspires to be an IAS officer.

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Similar inspiring stories 

Another inspiring story worth reading is of Fathima Hania Samah, a student of Ansar English Medium School, Bajpe who passed her SSLC exam by scoring 363 out of 625 marks.

The fact that she is a wheelchair user and lost her father to a heart attack recently makes her feat extraordinary. She wasn’t able to study through online classes properly. Instead of giving up, she opted for self-study and borrowed old notes and books from her friends to study and pass the exams. She didn’t even take the help of a scribe to write the exams.

Vanisha Pathak from Bhopal is another girl you should know about. She was one of Bhopal’s CBSE Class X toppers last year despite losing both her parents to COVID-19 in May during the second wave.

Sarita Mali from Uttar Pradesh also struggled a lot as a child due to her weak financial status.  She used to sell flowers on pavements in Mumbai to support her father’s income. She is now all set to pursue a Ph.D. programme at the University of California. She even took to Facebook to share her story. “I have always had a passion for studies. At the age of 22, I entered the world of research. I am happy that this journey will continue for another 7 years.”, she wrote.

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