Vistara Offers Solo Women Travellers Window Seats, Help With Baggage

Vistara CCO

Vistara airlines has started offering complimentary services aimed at women travelling alone — it will not only help women with their baggage but also offer them the preferred window seats on flights.

The airline claims that around 75-100 women avail of this complimentary service every day.

“This service is a sincere effort to ensure peace of mind of our women customers,”- Sanjiv Kapoor

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Speaking about how Vistara is committed to making travel comfortable for its women customers, Vistara’s chief strategy and commercial officer Sanjiv Kapoor told NDTV, “Our staff is equipped to help women travelling alone with the booking of airport-authorized taxis, as well as escort them to the airport taxi stand upon their request. This service is a sincere effort to ensure peace of mind of our women customers.”

Vistara aspires to broaden its ambit by extending the service to international flights once it expands outside India.

According to the Global Business Travel Association, India is expected to become the world’s sixth-largest business travel market by 2019.

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While there a strong need to implement measures to ensure women’s safety in India, are measures like helping women with their baggage really needed or are they mere tokenism? At a time when women are marching shoulder to shoulder with men in every walk of life, do women really need that ‘preferred window seat’? Do write in with your views.

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