Visually Impaired Girl Receives Braille Harry Potter Books On Christmas, Her Reaction Goes Viral

Emrie, a visually impaired girl got braille books of Harry Potter as her Christmas gift this year. Her aunt, who raised money for her gift, uploaded a video of her reaction which left netizens teary-eyed.

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When the American minister and author Norman Vincent Peale remarked, "Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.", we all genuinely felt it. Christmas is the time of the year when joy, brotherhood and love blossom just like poinsettias of floral displays in the festive season. The aura is filled with zeal, festivities and positivity. With lights glowing all around and the spirit of giving gifts to one another, the wholesomeness of the festival can't be described with just a few words.


There was a cherry on top of the 'cake of wholesomeness' in the on-going festive season, added by a video which went viral on social media. In the video, a girl who is visually impaired, received the braille books of Harry Potter as her Christmas gift. Her purest reaction to the gift left the netizens teary-eyed.


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Girl's reaction in the viral video

The girl's aunt, Katelyn uploaded the heart-warming video on her Instagram account @katescookieskc. In that video, Emrie, the little girl, opened her gift with curiosity as her family cheered her. After opening, she realised that she got a book as a Christmas gift. As she tries to read the braille book, she recognised that she received the first book of Harry Potter series, i.e. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone. She was beyond happy. Then, she exclaimed, "Now I can read it!"

Furthermore, when the family told her that she got all the books of the series, she shouted with excitement and joy. Her reaction warmed everyone's heart.

Katelyn raised money to gift Emrie her favourite books. She started a page in GoFundMe website to collect funds, as the books were really expensive. Many people came forward to help her cause. After getting and gifting the books, she uploaded the video to thank people who donated money to make her niece's Christmas special.

It indeed illumined the joyful spirit of sharing and spreading love and happiness. Many Instagram users commented on the post, expressing their 'in-tears' reaction to the sweetest video on Internet two days back.

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