Video: Ukrainian Influencer Shares Tutorials On How To Use Abandoned Russian Tanks

ukrainian TikToker
The war by Russia against Ukraine has taken a turn for worse as reports claim that the Russian army is now attacking civilian spaces. Ukraine claims that as many as 350 civilians have lost their lives in the attacks so far. However, the Ukrainian army as well as civilians are fighting bravely to resist the Russian advancement.

On February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to launch attacks on Ukraine after years of escalating tensions. According to Putin, this attack is to demilitarise Ukraine and a response to the threat felt by Russia.

However, people across the globe are protesting against the war. People in Russia too have taken to the streets and social media to condemn the attack led by their President. Parallel to war, there is a constant effort underway for diplomatic talks. Recently Russia agreed to meet the Ukrainian President at the Belarus border. However, the discussion held on Monday failed to achieve any breakthrough and the shelling on Ukrainian civilian areas has continued.

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The North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the United States have placed financial sanctions on Russia but Ukrainian lawmakers feel that more needs to be done to condemn and stop Russia. Recently the State Bank Of India decided to stop financial dealings with Russia India had abstained to vote at the United Nations Security Council in condemnation of Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

However, the people of Ukraine have taken inspiration from their President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who has decided to stay put and fight the war. He has been constantly updating on the situation through his Instagram account.

Ukrainian TikToker teaches how to use Russian tanks

A Ukrainian woman named Nastya Tyman has also taken to her social media and is posting videos on how to use abandoned Russian tanks and military vehicles. Tyman is a popular TikToker in Ukraine. In one of her latest videos, she explains that if one comes across abandoned or captured Russian military vehicles, then how can they mobilise them.

She shoots the video inside a tanker, where she pushes a couple of buttons, telling viewers what each one will do and directs her viewers on how to get it started. Tyman’s video has already gotten more than five lakh views and 34 thousand likes on Instagram.

Tyman’s Instagram account has a reach of more than 800 thousand. She frequently posts videos on automobiles on her page. Under the video, people have commented on what a world we live in where Ukrainians are uploading videos on TikTok on how to use military tanks. “The future is a strange place,” commented one user.

(Feature Image Credit: Nastya Tyman/ Twitter)