Seeing Lovers Quarrel, Delivery Boy Intervenes And Ends Up Thrashing The Girl

swiggy boy thrashes girl odisha
A viral video from Odisha captured how a spat between lovers turned into a big brawl with a delivery boy getting mixed up in it. The delivery boy ended up beating the girl for allegedly arguing with him. The incident took place in Bhubaneshwar on Tuesday. The two videos of the couple’s fight and then of the delivery executive thrashing the woman have taken over the internet.

Reportedly, the girl got into a heated argument with her boyfriend after coming out of Indira Gandhi Park there. The video shows her throwing verbal abuse at a man who is wearing a helmet and sitting on a scooter. He remains quiet and then suddenly the girl starts raining blows on him, to which he tries to protect himself.

As the fight becomes physical, the crowd around them gather and passersby stop their vehicle to understand the situation. The girl draws back, only to come back with a stone in her hand. She throws the stone at his vehicle.

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Swiggy Boy Thrashes Girl Odisha

By this time, there is a crowd of onlookers who are taking the video of the entire incident. This enrages the girl more. She allegedly tries to snatch one of the passerby’s phones. This is when the Swiggy delivery executive enters the scene.

At first, he tries to act as a peacemaker and intervenes in the bickering couple’s conversation. Reportedly, he asked the girl to not abuse. Hearing this, the girl gets annoyed even more and uses foul language against the delivery boy.

This leads to a heated exchange of words. The delivery boy loses his cool and starts beating her up. A passerby intervenes while trying to keep the delivery boy away from the girl. He is shown shoving, punching and slapping her.

As per reports, none of the two parties have filed a complaint with the police. Bhubneshwar DCP Umashankar Dash told India Today, “Since it was an incident of thrashing by both the parties, I have instructed the concerned PS Official to register a case against both of them.”

(Feature Image Credit: Mohammad Suffian/ Twitter)

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