Viral Video Captures Toddler Trying To Wake Up Dead Mother At Train Station

The clip shows a child trying to wake up his deceased mother until an older one drags him away.

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Baby Plays Mother's Shroud, toddler plays dead mother

Travelling miles every day with hopes to reach home, many migrant workers are falling prey to the dearth of food and scorching heat. A heart-wrenching video clip has surfaced online, showing a two-year-old child playing with the shroud of his deceased 23-year-old mother. Consequently, in vain he tries to stir his dead parent till an older child drags him away.


The video clip is of Muzaffarpur train station in Bihar, which was also in the news recently as a two-year-old child died reportedly due to scarcity of food and extensive heat. The woman in the video had boarded the Shramik Special train from Ahemdabad, Gujarat on Sunday. Moments before the train reached Mazzafarpur station, she reportedly collapsed. She was later laid out on the platform. According to her family, she died of devastating heat, hunger and dehydration. She was unwell due to lack of essentail amneties. The woman was travelling towards Katihar along with her sister, sister’s husband and two children.

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The Railways Ministry has clarified that the woman had been unwell and died on the train itself. Considering which her family was asked to deboard.

The Sorry State of Affairs

India went into a nation-wide lockdown on 25 March, leading to an exodus of daily wage workers fighting for survival without sufficient money and jobs. Many heartbreaking stories of death and deprivation have emerged from this crisis. In April, a 12-year-old girl died due to exhaustion after walking 150 km. The girl, who was a migrant worker in Telangana, was covering the journey to her home in Chhattisgarh on foot. Read more on her here.


In mid-May, a migrant woman and her six-year-old daughter lost their lives in a road accident. They had travelled 1,300 km in an auto-rickshaw for three days, when they were hit by a truck, in Fatehpur UP, just 230 km away from their hometown.

Keeping in view the plight of the workers, the government started special trains called the ‘Shramik Special Trains’ this month. However many reports have emerged recently alleging that the trains are hugely delayed. Travellers bound to eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar have even lodged a complaint about the delay of trains and the unhygienic conditions on board, reported NDTV.

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