Viral Image On Whatsapp Not Of Jayalalithaa’s Daughter

Jayalalithaa Residence As Memorial, Jayalalitha

An image of a woman rumoured to be Jayalalithaa’s daughter has been doing the rounds on Whatsapp. The lady has reportedly been living in the US, anonymously.

According to The News Minute, the image is not that of Jayalalithaa’s daughter but a woman named Divya Ramanathan Veeraghavan, a lady who belongs to a family of illustrious musicians, including Mridangam Vidwan V Balaji. TV show host and popular singer Chinmayi Sripada put up a Facebook post after seeing the photos. In the post, she condemned how rumours get started on social media without any verification or credibility.

She says, “Repeat a lie long enough and it becomes truth. Please, please stop sharing ridiculous ‘news stories’ created clearly as a figment of the imagination of an unstable mind.”

Balaji told The News Minute that though Divya was living abroad, the picture kept popping up in Whatsapp groups there too. And after Jayalalithaa passed away, things got worse, and she said Divya was very disturbed. That is when Chinmayi came to her rescue.

There are so many times when images go viral on social media, because someone has wrongly tagged them without verifying what they actually depict. More vigilance from common citizens will help stop these kinds of images from interfering with another person’s life.

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