Villagers Crowdfund, Turn Haryana Girls’ School Into Shiksha Express

villagers crowdfund school shiksha express

The Government Girls Primary School in Kherakan village of Sirsa district, Haryana, has been renamed as Shiksha Express.

The villagers have joined hands to make this school a more interesting and interactive place for the girl students. They managed to crowdfund Rs 60,000, only to contribute for the school’s betterment.

The walls have been revamped, painted like a train compartment, classrooms turned into train coaches and the foyer turned into platform. The walls also display English and Hindi poems and some amazing graffiti

In the Shiksha Express, the villagers are keen on setting up smart classrooms. For this, they’ve also bought an LED TV.

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A commendable effort of the villagers

What is laudable is that all these changes have been made with the help of crowdfunding.

Villagers Lovepreet Singh, Sushil Bishnoi, Sarvjeet, Vinod Kamboj, Sandeep Kumar, Baljot Singh, Subhash and Hardeep Bhatia felt it was time for the girls to switch to smart learning. They took it on themselves and sourced money for the same.

The villagers wanted to give the best education to their daughters. Since they could afford the tuition fee of private schools, they decided to take the village’s school on par with modern schools.

They also wanted to encourage other parents to send their daughters to the school.

Lovepreet Singh said he is thankful to the fellow villagers and the teachers for their extended support. He added that since the remodelling, more girls have joined the school. While last year, only 97 students had taken admission, this year the number rose to 147.

A better learning place

Learning environment plays a vital role in children’s education.

Everything from the colour of the walls to the arrangement of the desks sends impressions to students and can affect the way a student learns. A  positive learning environment also brings out the best from teachers

The teachers are also excited to switch to smart teaching tools, said Bharti Rohillan, one of the school teachers. She added, “Girl students are getting a good environment and they are now eager to attend the school daily. With a playful atmosphere, their learning process is also improving. In my 14 years of teaching experience, this has been the most innovative way to teach students.”

Next on the list

The villagers are not going to stop here. Next on the plan is to source money for buying toys for the girls to play and learn better. Swings will also be installed.

School principal Shalu Rani said, “The villagers are working really hard and have come up with this innovative idea. Girls of the village are more than ever keen to come to the classes now.”

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Malvika Bansal is an intern with SheThePeople.Tv