Video Shows Mathura Teacher Walking On Chairs Held By Kids To Enter Flooded School

A Mathura teacher was suspended after a video shows her entering flooded school on chairs held by students

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Video Shows Teacher Entering Flooded School On Chairs
A Mathura school compound on Wednesday was flooded and the teacher was seen entering the school by walking on chairs that were held by the students of the school. After the video went viral, the reports suggested that the teacher got suspended.

School on rainy days has always been a no-no for every student. Waking up in the morning to see the cloud bursting usually makes children happy that they might be able to miss school that day. But for teachers, it is usually a difficult day as they would need to reach school on time despite the weather conditions.

Video shows teacher entering flooded school on chairs

But here in Mathura, the scenario was quite different. The viral video shows that the school compound is flooded making it quite difficult to enter the premises without getting completely drenched. As the video suggests, to come to a solution to such a situation a line of chairs was placed for the teacher to enter the school.

And not just that but the students were standing in the flood water holding the chairs so the teacher can walk without tripping. The teacher was seen holding the head of the students to secure balance while she was walking. The video went viral in a day and people all over the internet reacted to the plight of the students and the condition of the school they go to.

Why is a student’s safety secondary? Why are schools not maintained properly to avoid such situations? Where is the responsibility of the teachers and administrators of that school?

After the video went viral and reached the eyes of the administration, Neetu Singh, Basic Shiksha Adhikari (BSA) in charge, Mathura told quint, "We have taken cognisance of the video. Higher-up officials also know about it. We have suspended the teacher Pallavi." 


Weather in Mathura

As per the ">news reports in Mathura, it saw one of the worst rains on Wednesday. The city got inundated after it rained for half an hour. In the season of monsoon scenarios of a flood are quite common then why are schools still facing such problems?

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Mathura Viral Video Shows Teacher Entering Flooded School On Chairs