An Indian-American girl has sent a video message to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in which she says why she will avoid taking her summer vacation to India. The girl calls herself a “Tamil Indian at heart” and says that the recent incidents in which two young girls were raped have traumatized her and prompted her to not visit the country.

In the video, the 10-year old girl recollects the time when she visited India as a baby. Ms V says that she remembers lots of people and a lot of traffic, however, the people were nice and the food was great.

Though, she is second-guessing those memories now because of what she is hearing on news.

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The young girl continues to talk about the recent incident in which an 8-year-old girl was raped and murdered.

She says, “She was tortured, drugged, gang-raped and murdered,” in the video.

The young girl feels scared to visit India as it is becoming a dangerous place for women and children. Further, she wants that this should be stop. PM Modi must take certain steps to ensure safety for women and children.

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The young girl says, “Prime Minister (Modi), we need to make sure that this stuff stops and India is now safe for women and children, because I told my father I don’t want to go to India for summer vacation anymore because it seems so dangerous and I’m scared to go there now.”

According to reports, Modi has promised that no rapists or accused would be spared and action will be taken. Adding to it, the report talks about the delay in the actions taken in such cases.

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