First In Family To Make It To Class 12, This Girl Scores A Perfect 100 In CBSE Boards

Ansuiya Kushwaha with her CBSE 100 marks now hopes to go forth on higher education and dreams of becoming a government officer.

Tanvi Akhauri
Jul 31, 2021 10:44 IST
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cbse 100 marks Ansuiya Kushwaha
Scoring perfect CBSE 100 marks in class XII, a young girl from Uttar Pradesh's Badera village has touched new heights of excellence against all odds. The first in her farm labourer family to reach high school, as also among the few girls in her village to do so, Ansuiya Kushwaha emerges as a symbol of hope and motivation for growth in women's education.

As this year, once again, girls lead the front in the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) national results by a 0.54 percent margin ahead of their male peers, the significance of stories as that of Kushwaha is realised.

"None of the girls in our village study beyond class eight," the teen says post the results declared on Friday. A student at Vidyagyan Bulandshahr, a foundation-run school for meritorious youth who are financially underprivileged, Kushwaha chose education over early marriage so she could "stand apart" from the crowd, with dreams of achieving big things in life.

After CBSE 100 Marks In Exams, Girl Aspires Towards Bigger Dreams

How did she manage studies through the COVID-19 lockdown with online classes requiring a steady internet and functioning electronics? Kushwaha says the experience was "very difficult" for her, in the absence of a laptop and proper wireless network in her village.

"My school used to send study material on WhatsApp which I downloaded whenever I had a network and studied and re-studied it," she tells News18

In Kushwaha's village, she says, most of the youth don't make it past eighth class. While girls are groomed for domestic life and eventual marriage, boys are expected to join elders in physical labour on the farm. For Kushwaha, one of seven siblings, living passively until marriage was not an option.


Taking charge of her life, she powered through in school despite financial and social burdens, towards her round score in board examinations.

Image: Hindustan Times

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