US Boy, 8, Accidentally Shot By Teen Brother Near Retail Store

An eight-year-old boy is accidentally shot by his fourteen-year-old brother outside an Oklahoma Walmart. The boy's condition is stable, and the incident highlights the importance of firearm safety and responsible ownership.

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Image credits: Hindustan Times

Image credits: Hindustan Times

In a heartbreaking incident that unfolded on Tuesday at a Walmart store in Oklahoma, United States, an eight-year-old boy was accidentally shot by his 14-year-old brother. The shocking event, reported by the New York Post, has left the community in deep sorrow and has once again raised concerns about firearm safety.

According to Choctaw Police Chief Kelly Marshall, the two boys were waiting inside a parked car while their mother was inside the store, shopping. As the two siblings sat inside a parked car, the teenage brother stumbled upon a firearm whose ownership can be traced back to their father—an off-duty police officer from Oklahoma City. The teenager, unaware of the weapon's loaded state, accidentally discharged it around 2 pm, resulting in a single shot that struck his younger brother.

US Boy Shot By Teen Brother Wallmart  

The sound of the gunshot, around 2 pm, sent shivers through passersby, who promptly dialled the emergency helpline number, 911, seeking immediate assistance.

Chief Marshall shed light on the incident, confirming the details of the tragic event. Upon arriving at the scene, law enforcement swiftly secured the area, ensuring the boy's safety. He disclosed that officers acted promptly, employing two chest seals to seal the entry and exit wounds, effectively containing any potential bleeding. 

Despite the grave nature of the injuries, the young victim remained conscious and responsive, showcasing remarkable strength and resilience during this harrowing ordeal.

Given the severity of the situation, immediate medical attention was imperative. Initially, plans were made to transport the injured boy via helicopter to a nearby hospital. However, due to the distance between the location and the available helicopter, emergency personnel made a quick decision to opt for an ambulance instead. 


The injured child was rushed to the trauma centre at the University of Oklahoma, accompanied by medical professionals who ensured his stability throughout the journey. Sources from the scene confirmed that the boy's condition, though serious, remained stable. Surgery was deemed necessary, and medical staff prepared to undertake the operation without delay.

This tragic incident casts a shadow over the Walmart brand, which has unfortunately experienced previous instances of violence within its stores. The memory of a shooting incident during the Thanksgiving holiday, where a Walmart employee took the lives of six people before turning the gun on himself, still lingers. 

Walmart expressed deep shock in response to the recent occurrence, emphasizing its concern for those affected and offering prayers for the impacted community. The corporation pledged full cooperation with law enforcement agencies, vowing to extend unwavering support to its associates during this challenging time.

As the community grapples with this heart-rending accident, it also serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of responsible firearm ownership and safety. Authorities urge all gun owners to ensure that firearms are securely stored and out of reach of children, preventing such tragic incidents from recurring in the future.

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