Urban Indian women put careers before marriage, says study.

French actress Jeanne Moreau believed that cinema is the mirror of a society. Assuming that is true, never before have women been this independent and empowered in the country. But it isn’t just cinema and advertisements that prove this positive change. A study by an advertising agency, JWT, titled ‘What Women Want,’ reveals that a section of urban Indian women value careers and financial independence more than marriage.


According to a report by Live Mint, Shazia Khan, vice-president and executive planning director at JWT India, surveyed 500 women in three Asian countries: India, China and Indonesia, across the higher socioeconomic groups, and between the ages of 20 and 45.
The study was aimed at understanding “a key consumer segment that isn’t just growing in size, but is also becoming more important in terms of consumption,” reported Live Mint. Their second concern after their careers, according to the research, was setting up their own businesses and travelling. Reports reveal that women are buying their own vehicles in increasing numbers.


Deepti, a 30-year-old marketing professional at an MNC in Delhi revealed that she currently bears 80% of the mortgage on an INR40 lakh apartment in Allahabad, while her husband bears 20% of it. She also wants to support her parents. She said, “Since I am the only child, it is important for me to have a source of income to assist my parents as well.”


Axis Bank MD and CEO Shikha Sharma and ICICI bank's MD and CEO Chanda Kochhar

Axis Bank MD and CEO Shikha Sharma and ICICI bank’s MD and CEO Chanda Kochhar
Picture By: Jagran Post

Another study conducted by Nielsen India, surveyed 4,750 women (working and non-working) in the metros and non-metros. The study showed that 92% working women and 84% non-working women in urban India said that they had an active role in the financial decisions in their homes, reported Live Mint. .


Amer Jaleel, national creative director at advertising agency Lowe Lintas + Partners India, who has worked at some of the recent women-centered advertisements,  says, “Advertising will only lift what society is thinking and reflect it back, there is nothing deliberate about this attempt.” Hopefully, both the media and the society will continue to portray women in strong independent roles and inspire more women to be financially independent.


[Feature Picture Courtesy: Women in Trade]