Trans Flight Attendant Kayleigh Scott Dies By Possible Suicide After Emotional Social Media Post

Kayleigh Scott, a transgender flight attendant who became a star after starring in a United Airlines commercial, was discovered dead in her Colorado home on Monday. She was 25 years old.

Kayleigh Scott’s social media friends reportedly notified the authorities after noticing probable suicide references on her page. Scott sent a heartfelt statement to her friends and family on her social media accounts just before she died, apologising for ‘letting everyone down.’

Scott, who revealed her transition experience for a 2020 Trans Day of Visibility film created by United, announced her intention to terminate her life in an Instagram post at 2:30 a.m.

She stated that United played an instrumental role in her transition and she’ll forever be grateful for that.

‘Being a flight attendant at United transformed my life for the better.’ ‘With the help of the company, our LGBTQ+ business resource group, and all of my wonderful coworkers,’ Scott remarked at the time. ‘I was able to break free from the chains that held me back, and I’m still living confidently to this day while representing my actual self.’

Kayleigh Scott death

The circumstances surrounding her death are unknown, however, numerous of her acquaintances have indicated that she suffered from depression.

Authorities are investigating the death, but have not discovered the exact reason yet.

In a now deleted Instagram post, Kayleigh Scott stated, “As I take my dying breaths and leave this breathing world, I would like to apologise to everyone I let down. I apologise for not being more helpful. I am sorry I couldn’t be stronger for those I care about. I apologise for not being able to repay those who gave me their everything.”

The flight attendant encouraged her loved ones to remember her for the great times they shared and tagged a handful of them in her post. ‘Please understand that my choice to depart has nothing to do with you and is the result of my inability to change for the better,’ Scott added.

Andrea Sylvestro, Scott’s mother, revealed her death in an emotional Facebook post. Kayleigh Scott rose to prominence after appearing in a United Airlines ad for the 2020 Trans Day of Visibility campaign.

Separately, United Airlines expressed sorrow at her death stating that they were shocked by the incident and that they were grieving her untimely loss. They extended their sympathies to her family, friends, and colleagues as well.

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