UN Sec. General Ban Ki-Moon wants promotes women’s rights in India

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon’s visit to India to address leaders and policymakers at the Vibrant Gujarat Summit has been an important event in India for more reasons than one. The United Nations launched some significant campaigns in 2014, promoting women’s rights. From the launch of #HeForShe campaign to observing ‘Orange day’ to promote activism against gender-based violence; UN has been all about women last year.


In his meeting with the Indian President Pranab Mukherjee, the Secretary General congratulated India for the measures being taken by the government for gender empowerment and appreciated the fact that 25% of the Cabinet comprised of women. According to Zee News UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon on Monday said he “counts” on India to act on the report of Justice JS Verma. This is probably in connection with the increasing rates of sexual assaults on women in the country.


Marking the70th anniversary of the United Nations, he said, “ I give so much priority to women and children ‘s welfare because I have seen its values for all people. We are striving to provide women and girls with proper health services including sexual and reproductive health. We are pushing for equality in education. We are advocating for the human rights of women and girls. Our goal is to empower them.”


He applauded Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for promising to install toilets in every house by 2019. But he also said that he strongly condemns the criminalization of homosexuality and wants equality for “all the members of our human family regardless of any difference including sexual orientation.”


[Feature Picture Courtesy: Photo Division]