Viral: Ukrainian Soldier Pens An Emotional Poem In Response To Daughter's Letter

"If someone brings you a bouquet you like; Don't tell them about the scary missile strike," he penned down in his poem. 

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Ukrainian Soldier's Poem
It’s been months since the Russo-Ukraine war broke out which claimed the lives of many Ukrainian civilians and others. People had to flee from their homes and take refuge in bordering countries as Russia continued to attack the country, while some decided to take up arms and fight. Heart-wrenching stories of the people left thousands on the internet teary-eyed.

The latest post by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine is a tear-jerker. They shared a poem written by a Ukrainian soldier to his daughter which tugged at people’s heartstrings on the internet. The poem, as post details, was written by the soldier in response to a letter from his daughter.

Ukrainian Soldier's Poem

The Ministry's caption to the image of the translated poem and the soldier's photo read, "The poem by #Ukrainian soldier @vyshebaba written as an answer to his daughtersʼ letters has been already translated into 10 languages in just one week." The Ministry further wrote that an individual named Anastasia Kirii translated the poem and concluded with the hashtag #LifeWillPrevail.

The image shows the beautiful poem by the soldier who tells his daughter to not be crestfallen because of the war. "If someone brings you a bouquet you like; Don't tell them about the scary missile strike," he penned down in his poem.

Ukrainian Soldier's Poem The poem by the soldier translated in English (Twitter)

The post which was shared on May 26 has since then garnered hundreds of responses and retweets by the people.  It has also accumulated different comments from people.


“Hopefully next spring you’ll watch the trees blossom and listen to cicadas in peaceful Ukraine together again,” shared a Twitter user. Meanwhile, another user wrote, "So beautiful, l loved it. I did wipe away a couple of tears after reading it & then l prayed for the author, her dad & the translator, including everyone in Ukraine, for their safety & well being."

Another user commented, "This is beautiful, a perfect example of compassionate, loving, beautiful Ukrainian souls. And beautiful hearts, who only wish to live free, in peace, in democracy, in their own land, study, work and raise their family. And they shall, I know it, I believe it." "Proud father to keep the joy alive in his daughter," posted another.

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