Even In London Train-Blackout Crisis, A Woman Was Sexually Assaulted

As London's electric trains underwent hours of blackout leaving thousands of commuters stuck in the dark. Post getting out, a woman alleged she was sexually assaulted in the dark while being stuck on the train.

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As thousands of commuters were stranded in electric trains in London for hours due to damage to overhead cables, many commuters took to social media to share images and clips of travellers stranded in trains. It was reported that the trains had their lights go out after a while due to a power shortage. Amid this crisis, a sexual assault case came to light. 


Reportedly, a man groped the woman when the lights were down, touching her inappropriately while other commuters shared that they were witnesses to the incident. The city's transport police had confirmed the case and said to have arrested the accused groper, however, he was later released. 

Woman Sexually Assaulted While Being Trapped In Train For Hours

Last week, thousands of commuters were trapped inside the trains due to a four-hour-long power failure at the Elizabeth line in London due to damage in overhead cables around 6:30 pm at Ladbroke Grove. As many commuters were left stranded in the trains, engineers worked till late at night to fix the issue. 

Amidst the chaos of high inconvenience, a case of sexual assault was reported. Taking advantage of the darkness, a man sexually assaulted a woman. 

A fellow commuter of the survivor recounted the incident stating it as "something upsetting happened", the narrator said they did not know who it was but recalled hearing a girl cry out, "Oh my God why are you touching me" as he recalled the girl's reaction in the black out.

The narrator continued stating they couldn't hear or see things clearly but described a guy coming in defence of the survivor. The narrator also shared his thoughts on the upsetting incident as they thought  "Doesn't that sum up dodgy men. Of course, the moment the lights turn off a guy thinks 'I'm gonna grope this girl in front of me.'''


What Happened Next?

The police have reportedly arrested the accused after the power cut issue was resolved, as British Transport Police has confirmed the arrest of the said man, however, the alleged accused was later released pending further inquiries and investigations. 

Another spokesperson commented on the incident giving details about it to have happened near Paddington station around 8:30 pm on December 7 while inquiries surrounding the incident are ongoing despite the release of the accused man

Singer James Blunt was also caught up in the big chaos. He posted on his X account, ''Been stuck somewhere outside Paddington for close to 4 hours now. Out of peanuts and wine.''

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