UK PM Eases Visa Norms For Indian Bizmen

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Theresa May India Visit

This is British PM Theresa's May's first bilateral visit outside Europe since she took over in July. May's three-day visit to India from November 6 to 8 is aimed at enhancing the Indo-UK bond in areas such as trade, investment, defence and security.


From describing India as the UK's "most important and closest" friend to affirming to a mature relationship between both the countries after exiting from the European Union, here’s the Day 2 highlight:

Focusing on future ties with India, the UK declared the first-ever easier visa regime for Indian businessmen for immediate passage through British airports and access to EU.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday greeted Theresa May at the India-UK Tech Summit in Delhi when he urged her to open up Britain for ‘greater mobility’ of its students and researchers. In reply, May said: “So we will offer, for the first time to any country that needs visas to enter Britain, what we called ‘Registered Traveller Scheme’. She also added, “That means the Indian nationals who frequently come to the UK and to fuel growth in both our countries, the entry process will become significantly easier,” as reported by Indian Express.

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What we understand from the statement is that, after filling fewer more forms, it will be a lot more easier for Indians to get access to the European Economic Area passport control and is a much bigger opportunity for business as well.

“It is crucial that those who do need to travel between our countries for business can do so, that is the reason why when I was Home Secretary, I made visa process for Indians much easier. …that happened because we listened to our businesses. And we are still listening. Listening to the fact that there are many people from India who are to bring their skill, ideas, businesses to Britain for the good of your economy and ours,” May said.

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Although, a night before this announcement, May reportedly rejected calls, refusing to make any comments on Indian visa rules, saying the UK has a "good system" for applications. "Nine out of 10 visa applications from India are already accepted," she said.

Now it’s time to wait and see how this announcement brings brighter chances for Indian in the UK.

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