Two women on mission for fitness for all

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Fitness and health are today the biggest concerns for women around the world. Keeping that thought in mind two entrepreneurs are on a mission to use Women’s Day as a plank to fitness. With a new initiative Zest, they are are bringing together cyclists, joggers, marathon runners and beginners who would like to push themselves just that little bit harder.

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live – Jim Rohn

Zest is aimed to be wellness conference but not with anyone sitting and listening. Instead most of it is focussed on giving women an experience of what it takes to stay up and about. “It’s about women power! Its about coming together! It’s committed to wellness and well being as a whole,” says Ruchi Makkad co-founder of NRI Events.

I’ve spent half my life in gyms, if not more, and I love physical fitness and health; couple that with the fact that I love for people to be healthy, whether it’s mentally, physically, or emotionally, and it’s just a great opportunity for me to do something I love and have an impact on people’s health – Steve Nash

The Women’s Fitness Festival celebrates the outdoors, getting active, and coming together as a community over the course of several hours filled with yoga, zumba,  dancing, cross training, health book launch, sports wear and healthy bites.

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Fitness is not a destination, its a way of life. “While women say that their fitness is a priority, in reality it tends to take a backseat. When asked to prioritize the needs of spouses, children, parents, and themselves, nearly all women ranked their own needs second or third—which means they have trouble finding time to work out,” she says.

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“There are 24*7 gyms opening now for the first time. People are conscious of being fit and living a healthy life. We feel the champagne brunches are too over done and so we wanted to do something people really care about and bring in fitness activities and healthy food to start their day with collective energies,” says Neha Madan, co-founder, NRI Events.

Being fit isn’t about the weight you lose but the life you gain: Neha

Could there be anything more powerful than women getting together on mission to get fit?