Two Black Female Pilots Steer US Aircraft, Make History

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Two Black female pilots made history on Alaska Airlines last week. On May 13, Captain Tara Wright and First Officer Mallory Cave piloted a flight together from San Francisco to Portland. Both the women are African-American. This was the first time that an Alaska Airlines flight was piloted by two Black women.

Introducing themselves to the passengers, the pilots informed the passengers about this historic milestone in Alaska Airlines.

While introducing herself in the pre-flight announcement, Wright told the passengers, “You’re sharing a pretty interesting piece of Alaska Airlines’ history this morning.”

This was recorded in a video and posted on social media.

“You’ll be piloted by two African-American female pilots for the first time in Alaska Airlines’ history,” Wright said while informing the passengers. “You’re making [history] this morning whether you’re awake or not.”


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According to an official statement from the airline, both the females knew someday they would be paired together. Both Wright and Cave are both pilots based in Los Angeles.

Talking about the historic flight day, Wright said, “When I was assigned the trip with Mallory, I immediately knew the importance of it.”

Captain Wright was the first-ever Black female pilot to fly for US Airways. In 2017, she was the first Black female pilot who got promoted to captain. She became the seventh African-American woman who achieved this position at a major airline.

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Cave’s interest in aviation got ignited when she flew on a plane for the first time as a 7-year-old.

In a statement, she said, “I loved flying as a passenger and thought, ‘If it’s this much fun in the back of the airplane, imagine how much it would be up front.”

First Officer Mallory Cave said, “If only one young lady is inspired by this story, then it’s all worth it.”

She said she wants young girls to get inspired by her and acknowledge that they can accomplish their dreams. Cave stands as an inspiration to all the young girls.

Alaska Airlines considers both the females as role models for the young women. “Pilots Tara Wright and Mallory Cave are role models for women who aspire to fly.”

Many people took it to social media and Twitter and expressed how they are feeling inspired by both the females.

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