Two Rohtak women fight eve-teasers in a bus

Eve-teasing and harassment in public places is a common site in our country. Where some women protest, other women bear the humiliation in silence or just ignore the harassers. Thankfully, two young women from Rohtak set a wonderful example for all the women in the country.


In a bus, 22-year-old Aarti and 19-year-old Pooja, were on their way home when three men started leching at them and passed lewd comments, one of them reportedly tried to touch the girl inappropriately. Where all other passengers looked the other way, both the sisters attacked the men with their belts.


One of the sisters told Telegraph: “We boarded the bus from Rohtak bus-stand, this boy started teasing us by trying to give his phone number to us. When we protested, he called his friends and they started making obscene gestures. When I walked up to him asking not to make such gestures, he grabbed me by the neck while others held back my sister. After heated exchanges, one of the boys called his friends asking him to beat us up. One of them beat my sister while two others caught hold of me.”


[Picture Courtesy: NDTV]


The girl also said that they retaliated because none of the passengers in the bus helped them and what they did was an act of self-defense. One of the passengers made a video of the incident, which then went viral on all social networking sites. The police have arrested all three men, who will be produced in the court tomorrow.


As the whole nation and the politicians currently praise the women, who fought despite having sustained injuries; it is time for the government to take severe measures to ensure safety of women in public transport, just rewarding them on 26th January will not be enough.