Israel-Hamas War: Two Indian-Origin Israeli Officers Die On Duty

According to the reports, in the attack launched by the Palestinian militant organisation Hamas, two Israeli female security officers with Indian heritage lost their lives.

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Lieutenant Or Moses and Inspector Kim Dokraker respectively. Image Credits: X, formerly Twitter/@IsraelAtWar_

According to the reports, in the attack launched by the Palestinian militant organization Hamas on October 7, two Indian-origin Israeli female security officers with Indian heritage lost their lives.


As reported by Tribune India, Lieutenant Or Moses, aged 22, serving as a commander in the Home Front Command from Ashdod, and Inspector Kim Dokraker, an officer with the Border Police in the central district, tragically lost their lives in the attack. It is noted that both individuals were on active duty at the time of their demise in combat.

More Testimonies

Official reports indicate that, up to this point, the conflict has claimed the lives of 286 military personnel and 51 members of the police force.

It is possible that there are additional casualties, as Israel continues the process of verifying the identities of the deceased and actively searching for individuals who may be missing or potentially abducted, as mentioned by several community members.

A young woman from the community, Shahaf Talker, who managed to escape the attack along with her friend, provided an account of her experience on that day through her grandfather.

According to Shahaf's statement, on October 7, she and her friend Yanir, who was also present at the event, witnessed rockets passing over them. They hopped into the car and started speeding away.


The police instructed them to turn right, but it wasn't the road to Tel Aviv. But as told by Shahaf, they made a U-turn and went in the opposite direction, which may have been a life-saving decision. Hamas terrorists were lying in wait, blocking the road with three vans, and about eight terrorists.

Yanir quickly realised the terrorists were aiming guns at the car and made a swift U-turn. A bullet struck the front windshield. The entire car was riddled with bullets, and all the windows shattered.

She noted that the terrorists were firing at them without hesitation. In the end, they all exited the car and fled, trying to conceal themselves in the bushes.

World Condemns Hamas

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak strongly condemned the terrible brutality and savagery carried out by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas. He reaffirmed his ongoing support for Israel in reestablishing security as the one-week mark of the conflict in West Asia was reached. 

In a statement released by 10 Downing Street, the British leader of Indian descent also reemphasized his dedication to the Jewish community in the nation, assuring them that all necessary protective measures would be put into action.


Israel-Hamas War

With the Israeli army's ongoing airstrikes in the Gaza Strip, the conflict between Israeli forces and Hamas has now reached its tenth day, resulting in a dire humanitarian situation in the besieged Palestinian territory.

The Gaza Health Ministry reports that the latest round of fighting has claimed the lives of 2,329 Palestinians, marking this as the deadliest of the five Gaza conflicts for the Palestinian population.


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