TVF Case: Indian Fowler says “When I filed a complaint, my parents got few calls”

Arunabh Kumar

The Indian Fowler, whose post on Medium opened a can of worms about Arunabh Kumar of TVF has put out an update after weeks of silence. Her original (anonymous) blog post led a slew of sexual harassment allegations against TVF founder Arunabh Kumar, who has recently got interim relief from arrest.

An FIR was registered by MIDC Police in Mumbai on March 29, days after he was accused of molestation and sexual harassment by Indian Fowler. In her new update dated April 14th, she says:

“I know it has been a long silence. Mostly because of what has been going around. Last time i tried to come out, i was hounded. So this time i have been discreet. More so because last time when i filed a complaint, my parents got few calls. This time they also dont know. I dont know how this time it will pan out. But i hope it does pan out well.

Few things first. I am thankful to all those who have stood up. I have spoken to few of us and have found support. This time around, its a fight to finish hence i wont take names. We have few cases filed in 3 cities and one of it is mine so i would expect courts to take a cognizance of that. I hope it reaches logical conclusions.”

In the blog post Indian Fowler reflects on the challenge she faces to prove the molestation.

“So i cant prove how i was molested because it was done in private. It was done by a man so filthy that if i face him again tomorrow i will probably beat the shit out of him. At that point in time, it was a shock to me and i didnt have enough courage to do it.”

Indian Fowler also asserts her concerns about the kind of environment she has had to deal with since her original post was out. The implications she writes has her worried for herself and her parents. In what reflects she could be under pressure, she mentions her parents have been called a few times. It is not clear what she means by “I need to refrain” but she shared her plight after having been the whistleblower on the sexual harassment at TVF. The Indian Fowler also appears to blame women for not being fair to her.

“Last time i checked, he knew when i walked into the police station and that he had my parents phone number. So i need to refrain. Its difficult to be a woman in such a world. I dont know how many of you would understand it. But i have gone through it and i have seen it. Even women around you dont look at you nicely because they themselves think of you as a competition. However, this is my last attempt. I have filed it finally. I dont know if it will reach a logical conclusion. If it does, i will drink a bottle of tequila that night. If it doesnt, i will trust that God doesnt exist. But my belief is that God does exist and he will prevail upon anyone so see what that monster called arunabh is.”

This article is based on the Medium blog post by Indian Fowler. SheThePeople.TV is not able to independently verify the details posted by her on what’s a public blogging platform.