President Donald Trump put end to speculation, said he is selecting Amy Coney Barrett, a conservative federal appeals court judge, to take over the position of the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg at the US Supreme Court.

Trump picks Amy Coney Barrett to succeed Ruth Bader Ginsburg at US Supreme Court

Calling it a “very proud moment indeed,” the US President called Barrett a woman of “towering intellect” and “unyielding loyalty to the Constitution” who would rule “based solely on the fair reading of the law.”

What You Should Know

  • Her nomination, if confirmed by the Senate, it will be first time in American history that a nomination is confirmed so close to elections in the country
  • In an unprecedented move, Trump is asking the Senate to convene to confirm
  • At 48, Barett will be youngest judge in the American Supreme Court

Trump also referred to Amy Coney Barrett’s educational and professional background, calling it storied. He reflected her close connect with late Supreme Court justice, Antonin Scalia, for whom she worked. “I looked and I studied and you are very eminently qualified for this job,” Trump told his nominee. “You are going to be fantastic.”

As expected Amy Coney Barrett’s selected by Trump has led to a complete divide among Americans. Barrett is considered anti abortion rights and deeply conservative. A mother to seven children, Barrett’s beliefs have been hailed by many anti abortion activists in America.


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