Tribal Women Rock The Ramp In Jharkhand To Break Stereotypes

Tribal women ramp walk in Jharkhand

Have you heard of the Miss India Indigenous contest, held in Jamshedpur? I think not! But we are sure it’s time to cheer for the country’s first indigenous beauty pageant to break the mindset about tribal culture. While tribal communities and their culture are always neglected by urban society, yet India’s strength lies within those very roots.

Around 20 tribal women from all over the country participated in the pageant — organized by an independent tribal filmmaking body — to promote the progressive but cultural nature of tribal women in various regions of the country. The aim was to endorse women’s empowerment through fun events.

The Adivasi Moolvasi Janjatiya Miss India (Miss India indigenous) was organised in Jharkhand’s Jamshedpur by the All India Santhali Film Association (AISFA) to celebrate tribal culture through women’s eyes.

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“The contest is meant for women’s empowerment and winners were given opportunity to prove their talent in Bollywood. Through training in acting, dialogue delivery and other aspects of the Hindi film industry, the Miss India Indigenous winner will get an opportunity to change the orthodox mindset about tribal women,” said president of AISFA, Ramesh Hansda, Hindustan Times reported.

The event portrayed tribal people beyond stereotypes, busting myths of their involvement in acts of witch-hunting and others.

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The AISFA ensured that tribal women got depicted as new-age, educated and empowered members of society.

Film director Vinod Kumar acknowledged the talent of the tribal youth and argued that if proper training is given to them, they could get better space in the glamour and fashion world. AISFA members have promised to ensure the right opportunity to the youth in order to make them visible in mainstream society.

More power to the women!

Feature Image Credit: Hindustan Times

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