Watch: All Women Crew Of Tri-Services Complete Sailing Expedition

Marking a historic moment, an all-women crew from the Indian Army, Air Force and Navy completed a challenging sailing expedition across the Arabian Sea in nearly four weeks. The crew included 12 officers.

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Image Credit: ADG PI Indian Army Twitter

Image Credit: ADG PI Indian Army Twitter

Marking a historic moment, a tri-services women crew completed a challenging sailing expedition across the Arabian Sea in nearly four weeks. The crew included 12 women officers from the Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force. However, the challenging voyage was just a training and a precursor to the 'Around The World Sailing Competition' which will include global circumnavigation to be held in September.Β 


All-Women Crew Trains For Around The World Sailing CompetitionΒ 

As per the reports, the crew embarked on the historic voyage under the bannerΒ Army Adventure Wing and the Army Aqua Nodal Centre of the College of Military Engineering. Stretching over 27 days, the voyage tested the crew's endurance and the skills to manage demanding maritime conditions. The training expedition is culminating on Friday with a voyage from Mumbai to Lakshadweep and back. The all-women crew has completed 6000 nautical miles of training.Β 

An Army official said,Β "The successful completion of this expedition by the all-women crew highlights the capabilities and potential of women officers in leading and executing complex and challenging missions."

He further said that the women officers sailed through varying wind conditions, choppy water and sweltering heat. This doesn't only show their physical prowess but also mental fortitude and teamwork.Β 


Why this expedition is inspiring

"This expedition is not just about marking geographical milestones but also breaking cultural and gender barriers. The initiative celebrates 'Nari Shakti' (women power) and emphasises the importance of inclusivity and diversity," the Army official said.Β 

The official said that the team is yet to create another history in the global circumnavigation competition and its story is already inspiring the nation and the world "showing that with resilience and determination, barriers can be broken, and new paths can be forged."

The flagging-in ceremony to be held on Friday at Marve in Mumbai will celebrate the courageous women.Β 

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