Transgender Person Sangeetha's Murder Suspect Arrested

Priyanka Chakrabarty
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Transgender Sangeetha, Transgender activist Sangeetha

The Coimbatore Police has arrested a 23 year old man named Rajesh who has allegedly murdered transgender activist Sangeetha. Sangeetha's body was found on 21st October in her residence. Since then, Rajesh has confessed to the murder. According to a statement released by the police, Rajesh has confessed to murdering Sangeetha for refusing his sexual advances. He had been working at the Covai Trans Kitchen for the last one and a half months. He had been making sexual advances towards Sangeetha who denied them and threatened to file a police complaint.


On Sunday, 18th October, the day of the murder, they had a disagreement. The disagreement boiled over and Rajesh stabbed Sangeetha on the neck. This incident happened in her residence in Coimbatore. The body was then stored in the plastic drum and salt was added to avoid decomposition and detection of the body. Rajesh absconded after allegedly committing the murder. Based on the confession an FIR will be filed by the police which will provide further basis for investigation in this murder case.

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Why the Arrest Matters

Swift action by local police implies that proper investigation of this murder will be carried out. In a country, in most acts of intimate violence or sexual assault, the perpetrators are always known to the victim. This is one such case. The perpetrator and accused in this case was known to the deceased. If trans lives in the this country really matters, then there needs to be a free and fair trial conducted for this murder. Sangeetha's life mattered as a person and a representative of the transgender community. She made it her life's mission to give to the trans people in her community and the Covai Trans Kitchen was one such initiative.

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