Minor Trans Girl Murdered By Her Brother In Tamil Nadu: Report

Trans girl murdered: After the girl had started revealing her identity to her family, she faced abuse and was killed by her own brother

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Transgender People Forcibly Hauled Up By Police
Trans girl Murdered: After a Tamil Nadu trans girl came out in front of her family, they reportedly turned abusive and her brother allegedly stabbed her to death.

The trans girl named Dakshayani was 17-years-old. She was reportedly living with her relatives along with her brother named Selvaraj who is 25-years-old. The two siblings had lost their birth parents.

While sharing crucial details about her life, social activist Rakshika Raj told News Minute that ever since the girl had started expressing her gender, she faced abuse from her family. As a result, she ran away with her friends from the transgender community to Chengalpattu.

As per reports, Dakshayani stayed with a transgender community for 15 days and no one from her family came looking for her. The community members took her to the police station as she was a minor and from there she was taken to her relative's home again. According to reports, Dakshayani’s family gave it in writing that they will take care of her.

On August 30, according to reports, an argument broke after Dakshayani insisted on returning to the transgender community home. Her brother Selvraj got infuriated and allegedly stabbed the minor with a knife. She passed away on her way to the hospital on August 31. The police arrested the accused man and he confessed to killing her. He stated that her gender brought 'shame' to the family, according to reports.

The Salem Superintendent of Police, M Sree Abhinav said, "This incident clearly points at the overall societal issue in dealing with members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Addressing this, in Salem, we have started several awareness programs for all children including non-binary kids. And as per recent Madras High Court order, the district police are also sensitised in handling cases related to LGBTQIA+ community."

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