Karnataka Omicron Patient Has No Travel History, Five Contacts Tested Positive

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After two positive cases of COVID-19 with Omicron variant were detected in Karnataka on Thursday, three more contacts of the patients have tested positive.

According to reports, Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) Commissioner Gaurav Gupta said that the samples of COVID-19 patients have been sent for testing. The two patients who tested positive earlier in the day, one 66 another 46 year old, were fully vaccinated with both doses. The 46-year-old patient reportedly works in Bengaluru hospital and did not have any travel history.

Omicron Positive Cases In India:

On tracing the contacts of the positive patients, reportedly 218 persons have been identified and tested. In the primary contacts, three more persons were tested positive. The samples have been sent to further testing at genome sequencing sites.

As per a report by the News Minute, the samples of the 46-year-old man were collected on November 22 after he tested positive. His CT value was found to be low so genome sequencing of his samples were conducted. Low CT Value means high amount of virus present in the body.

The patients were kept in home isolation for two days and on November 25, the man was admitted to the hospital. He was discharges on November 27 after three days of treatment. 13 of his primary contacts and 205 of secondary contacts were identified and out them three tested positive. The two secondary contacts tested positive between November 22 and 25.

All the said contacts have been isolated, the BBMP said. The cases of Omicron variant were confirmed on December 2 after the genome sequencing of the samples.

As for the 66-year-old patient in Karnataka, the BBMP commissioner said that he is a South African national who landed in India on November 20. He earlier showed a negative test report and checked into a hotel where he tested positive for COVID-19. He reportedly showed no symptoms and was isolated in the hotel. His samples were sent for genome sequencing but on he also took a self test which came back with negative report. All 24 primary and 240 secondary contacts tested negative. BBMP chief said that the man checked out of the hotel on November 27 and a cab for the airport and left for Dubai.

It was confirmed on Thursday that he was infected with Omicron variant. The two positive patients did not come in contact with each other as per the authorities. They also added that it is not clear how the 46-year-old man tested positive for the virus.

“There is no need to panic about Omicron, but awareness is absolutely essential. It is important to get fully vaccinated, people should get both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. People should follow COVID-19 appropriate behaviour. Mass gatherings should be avoided,” ICMR Director General Dr Balram Bhargav told the media on Thursday.

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