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A woman needs some time to herself, and the days are long gone, when men were the only ones who need all the “space”. Good for you if you’re taking a long vacation, a break, you need from the mundane life. But there are certain things that make one queasy, about travelling alone. And why we need to be extra careful when we’re alone.


 India is so vast in cultures and traditions, that in many parts, an Indian is as much a foreigner as a visitor from another country.

Here it is, the ten things you guys need to know, before heading out solo:

Keep all your belongings safe

Be sure to keep everything under lock and key, including your room. India has a dubious reputation as far as petty theft such as snatching, pick-pocketing and mugging are concerned.

Double check everything

Things such as currency, passport, credit cards are very important, if lost or misplaced can put you in a tight spot. I recommend, that you double-check. The door, your bag, the suitcase everything. You never know what you might have missed.


Don’t, trust a random stranger

A lurking man, around the bar, waiting for you to smile at him, maybe a friendly stranger, but is not to be trusted. Long have the stories of being drugged, or worse, left without all belongings, circulated the corridors. Do not, by any circumstance, believe anyone selling you a cheap ride to the market.


Keep your things organized. Put your passport, your documents, your cash and cards in a safe. Most hotel rooms come equipped with one.

Build a Rapport

Whether you’re at the hotel or staying at an air BnB say hello and thank you to the hotel staff. Establish a morning hello, whether it's when you’re out getting your morning coffee. It's good to have a person who knows you’re around in the neighbourhood.


Try and be home before midnight.

We call this the Cinderella rule. Though it might not sound right, to your wild side, it is important that you get back in time. Whether you’re out shopping, or working, or even exploring, when the sun goes down, it's time for you to do the same.

Exploring solo requires taking certain precautions and sacrificing small freedoms.

Connect Home

If you’re all alone, you need to make at least one phone call, if not a daily call, to your parents, or a friend. Someone close to you and keep them updated.

Maintain a daily diary


Keep collectables, and take lots of pictures document it for yourself. You may not have to put everything on social media. Carry little souvenirs home.

Don’t do drugs

Cliche’d as it might sound. Don’t do any drugs, you never know what might happen, case example, the hangover. Be aware of shady peddlers, it would definitely get you in a lot of trouble.

Be conscious of what you wear

Unless you are clubbing in Goa, be very conscious of what you wear. It's unfortunate, but men do stare. India is a conservative country so respect local culture and avoid unwanted attention.

And now, you’re all ready to Jet Set Go!

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