The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas guarantees something for everyone. And this year’s CES gives just that. Working women who are constantly trying to ‘have it all’ can benefit a great deal from some of these extremely cool gadgets. So here are some gadgets for the modern woman from CES 2015.



Women who love their plants and gardening and yet don’t find enough time to spend hours on taking care of these plants, will now have some assistance from a gadget called the ‘Parrot Pot.’ This devise will help you determine the water requirements of your plants. The pot will measure the soil moisture, its temperature and light level, every 15min. When the water in the storage unit runs low, you’ll get a warning on your cell phone.



This has to be the best gadget for women this year. This is an activity and sleeping tracker for women. Launched by Misfit, a Silicon Valley start-up, this unlike most gadgets, does not have a masculine look. In fact, this is actually a crystal necklace that draws its power from the sun.  It’s the first “no charging” activity tracker. The Swarovski Shine devices and accessories will be available for purchase this February on Misfit’s website,


Misfit Swarovski Shine
Misfit Swarovski Shine
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Most of us who are stuck to our laptops all day and let our jobs take a toll on our health, might get some relief from this. At GES 2015, Garmin announced a new version of its vivofit wearable tracker that aggressively urges you to have a more active lifestyle. The device alerts you if you have been inactive and continues nagging you until you get up and walk. The vivofit 2 will be compatible with a series of chic interchangeable band choices.



For women who are always on the go, razors are the easiest and the most convenient form of hair removal. To make this easier, Smart Razor LLC has announced the launching of heated razors for both women and men. The product guarantees a better shaving experience and gives a much better finish.


[Feature Picture Courtesy: Engadget]