Top 5 TV shows that every entrepreneur should watch right now

Jun 29, 2017 09:23 IST
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Entrepreneur stories have a way of connecting with people and give them inspiration! Lately , a lot of TV shows from the likes of the big giants and streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon are showcasing the startup world ! Whether it be reality or fiction, there's a lot to learn from them, here are the best 6 shows that every entrepreneur needs to watch right now.


1. Shark Tank ( Watch on Colors Infinity)

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Developed on a similar line as its British counterpart Dragon's Den, Shark Tank is a platform where individual businesses/entrepreneurs pitch their businesses to 6 "Sharks" in return for funding and equity in their companies. The sharks ( Barbara Corcran, Daymond John, Kevin O'Leary, Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner)  have million dollar establishments in different fields such as fashion, technology and real estate and invest their personal network into small/medium size companies. What can you learn from the show? How to make the perfect pitch. As each person gets only about 1-2 mins to make a pitch to impress the sharks, the elevator pitch concept is perfected here. All 8 seasons are totally worth watching on repeat.


Shark Tank is a platform where individual businesses/entrepreneurs pitch their businesses to 6 "Sharks" in return for funding and equity in their companies.

2. House of Cards ( Netflix)

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One of the best TV shows ever made, the political duo of Frank and Claire Underwood is a lesson in the phrase " hunt or be hunted". The 4 seasons showcase their ascent from a couple who are vital parts of the United States Congress to being the President and the First Lady. How do they achieve that? From knowing everything about their enemy and making the right moves. What is the exercise here? Never underestimate your opponent, always know your market and play the game when you need to. Trust only a few and never let your guard down.

Never underestimate your opponent, always know your market and play the game when you need to.

Meena Jain, Co-Founder of iView Labs says " I am a huge fan of this show. Every episode presents such interesting dialogues and points of view that I can incorporate in my work life. Claire Underwood is the definition of the power woman of today who is poised, extremely intelligent and always prepared. With a mind like hers, businesses can take over the world!"


3. Silicon Valley ( HBO - stream on Hotstar)

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A show which is a textbook in the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, the story relies on 4 tech wizards in the Silicon Valley who are trying to start their own company. From being ousted as CEO from their first startup to a hostile acquisition to eccentric VCs to intellectual property plagiarism, this show has it all. The fictional company in perspective is Pied Piper which wants has a game changing idea, but fails to actually change the game in any form in the technology sector. What can entrepreneurs gain from it? The ways of working in an actual startup- the elements required and how to match up to the big boys. Sure you might have secured your funding, but how do you build a company from there and stay relevant. All answers lead to Silicon Valley!


4. GirlBoss (Netflix)

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Business back in the days of eBay, was way different than how it's done now! Showcasing the birth of e-commerce, its the story of Nasty Gal -an online business that sells vintage clothing. The idea comes accidentally to her, when she sells off a jacket she can't afford to pay for anymore online. What blooms is a huge business that soon develops into a web store to sell clothing all across the USA. What's in it for you? The emotion of perseverance and desperation. She goes to great lengths to keep her business alive by constant innovation and has the passion to light a million stars.


Namrata Hanigorani, a business consultant in Pune adds, " I binge watched the whole show in one weekend! Sophia's character is so persistent and jugaadoo! When she runs out of space and decides to convert an old fishing space into a warehouse- it's scenes like these that are so inspirational. Plus her wit is addictive. 

5. Billions

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An odd addition to the list- but it encapsulates the mind of a businessman ever so beautifully. The show's main protagonists are Bobby Axelrod - a hedge fund manager and Charles Rhoades Jr- who is a district attorney looking into the crimes of New York City. It's a lesson in never underestimating your opponent, and how the right opportunity can turn a business around. Bobby comes from humble beginnings and has a rags to riches story which is shown throughout the series and entrepreneurs can learn plenty from that.









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