Top 5 international Female Yoga Gurus

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Yoga has officially become an international phenomenon, what with an International Yoga Day having taken shape this year. This might be the result of thousands of its staunch believers who doubled up as missionaries to propagate the learnings of this Indian discipline to the remotest corners of the world. Here are some of the most popular female instructors around the world:




Elena Brower:

Elena Brower has been trying to perfect her and her students’ “Art of Attention” for over 16 years. Elena offers yoga and meditation as a way to approach our world with realistic reverence and gratitude. Based out of New York City, word of Elena’s caliber traveled far and wide, and she was honoured to offer larger-scale experiences of yoga and meditation, from the Museum of Modern Art to the Great Lawn at Central Park, to the Old Port of Montreal to the Eiffel Tower.



Tiffany Cruikshank:

Cruikshank is a one of the liveliest patrons of the thousand year old discipline. She travels the globe propagating her findings in the Acupuncture & Sports Medicine arenas, through her 15 year career. Currently, she is the Yoga Teacher and Acupuncturist at the Nike World Headquarters. Besides lending her two pennies worth to leading yoga and wellbeing publications, she is a published author of her own book- Optimal Health for a Vibrant Life, a popular 30-day guide helping people move towards holistic health.



Kathryn Budig:

Katherine Budig is a darling of the international circuit – her clients always have the most heartwarming things to say about her approach to teaching the ancient science.Inspired by Asthanga, her classes focus on teaching her students to have some “healthy” fun. She has also ventured into philanthropy, and her organization ‘Poses for Paws’ funnels the proceeds from her yoga training towards the welfare of animals. Budig is also the star in her own video series, and a one of World Health Magazine’s popular columnists. She once said, “I remind myself to be my own woman everyday and not to be ruled by expectations.”




Ashley Turner:

Ashley Turner wears multiple hats- aside from being a Yoga teacher, she is also an author and therapist. She has made it to the Yoga Journal’s list as a Who’s Who in Power Yoga, for she has formulated a unique way to use her knowledge of the yoga philosophy, to impart therapy to her students and clients, who want answers and wish to be in better touch with their true inner-selves. As an author, the subject Ashley touches upon is Aromatherapy and Yoga, and the combination of both disciplines as a means to heal, called “Aroma Yoga”


Kate Holcombe: 

Kate Holcombe is a Yoga Teacher, and Founder and President of Healing Yoga Foundation in San Francisco, California. Kate began her Yoga education in 1991 with TKV Desikachar and the staff of the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram (KYM) in Chennai, India. Since then, she has returned to India many times for extended periods of intensive one on one study. “One of the wonderful things about yoga is it is designed to meet you where you are,” she believes. Kate was mentioned in the 40 top yoga teachers under 40 by Yoga Journal a few years ago



Compiled by Binjal Shah


Image Credits: Mindbodygreen.com

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Top 5 international Female Yoga Gurus
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