TMC MP Mimi Chakraborty Resigns, Declares 'Politics Not My Cup Of Tea'

Mimi Chakraborty, the actor-turned-politician, declared her resignation from her Member of Parliament (MP) position within the Trinamool Congress (TMC) party

Oshi Saxena
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Renowned Bengali actor and Trinamool Congress (TMC) Member of Parliament (MP) for Jadavpur, Mimi Chakraborty, has made headlines with her announcement to step down from her parliamentary responsibilities. This revelation came during her meeting with TMC party chief Mamata Banerjee, where she boldly declared that "politics is not my cup of tea," raising eyebrows, considering the proximity of the upcoming general elections.


Background and Statement

Chakraborty, a first-time MP, visited the state assembly in the afternoon to communicate her decision directly to Mamata Banerjee. During a press interaction, she stated, "Today, I met our party supremo. I had submitted my resignation to her on February 13. I have understood in all these years that politics is not my cup of tea."

TMC circles are abuzz with speculation following an unexpected move by Chakraborty, who opted to resign directly to Mamata Banerjee rather than adhering to the customary procedure of submitting resignations to the Lok Sabha Speaker. This deviation from the norm, especially in the run-up to the general elections, has ignited discussions within political circles

Addressing the unconventional submission of her resignation, Chakraborty clarified, "Once I get the nod from the TMC, I will submit it to the Speaker." Chakraborty's explanation has stirred further debate, leaving room for interpretation amidst the standard protocol's deviation, which has become a key focal point in discussions surrounding her departure from active politics.

Reasons Behind the Resignation

Reflecting on her political journey, Chakraborty remarked, "Politics is not for me. You have to promote someone here (in politics) if you are helping someone...Besides being a politician, I also work as an actor. I have equal responsibilities. If you join politics, you are criticized whether you work or not."


Chakraborty's decision appears to stem from reported dissatisfaction with the local leadership within the TMC. Her grievances, particularly with the party's handling of affairs at the grassroots level, hint at underlying tensions. This discontent culminated in her resignation from the membership of two standing committees of parliament, namely the Standing Committee on Industrial Affairs and the joint committee of the Union ministry of power and the ministry of new and renewable energy. Additionally, she relinquished the chairperson role in two Rogi Kalyan samitis (hospital management committees).

Political Implications and Future Scenarios

Chakraborty's departure from active politics, just months ahead of the general elections, raises questions about the internal dynamics within the TMC and the potential impact on the political arena of West Bengal. As a first-time Member of Parliament, who secured a significant margin of 2,95,239 votes in the 2019 elections, representing the prestigious Jadavpur constituency, her resignation shapes electoral strategies and alliances. 

The TMC, already embroiled in the Sandeshkhali horror, faces challenges as women protest against Shajahan Sheikh, alleging sexual harassment, potentially reshaping the dynamics within the Trinamool Congress and impacting the upcoming elections.

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