Tips to preserve the environment

World Environment Day

Reminders like these are never a bad idea. And some times we all do need refresher courses. These are some eco-friendly healthy tips by entrepreneur Renuka Shah who runs an eco-friendly stationery concept business. They are handy and do-able.

  • Use of bucket instead of shower saves a lot of water.
  • Pooling of car or cab or use of public transport while going to work will save fuel and also reduce pollution.
  • Toss in fruit and vegetable scraps instead of throwing those items in your garbage. This will cut down on the amount of your garbage, along with providing you eventually with some organic material for your garden or landscape plantings.

World Environment Day She The People

  • Unplug electronic items which are not being used, switch off devices which are plugged-in use certain amount of electricity.
  • Try to use natural light during the day time; this will reduce the use of electricity.
  • Use of processed cow dung for wall cladding in modern homes so that they naturally cool the house