Tina Dabi Wins Prez Gold Medal In IAS Two-Year Training

Jun 29, 2018 12:44 IST
Tina Dabi prez gold medal

2016 UPSC topper Tina Dabi has made headlines again. She has now acquired the President of India Gold Medal in IAS's two-year training. This information was shared by Tina via Twitter.


In 2016, Dabi not only cleared the exam in her first attempt but topped as well.

Dabi is a Political Science graduate from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University. In 2016, Dabi was trolled endlessly for using reservation to clear the exam as she belonged to the Dalit community. Now, she has also topped the IAS training to prove that the her talent is not dependent on race, religion or colour.

Dabi has been posted in Rajasthan  and has been open about her wishes to work against gender discrimination and women's empowerment. While visiting her alma mater back in 2016, she told students and reporters  “It is a man’s world and to fight back we have to develop a very thick skin. Take criticism very constructively, but at the same time fight back and retain your position.”


A resident of Delhi, and  she is married to K. Athar-ul-Shafi.  Athar achieved the second position in the UPSC exams in the same year as his wife. Both of them have also been victims of criticism due to their different religions. They faced hostility from religious right-wing organisations and have been trolled on social media on account of a Dalit woman marrying a Kashmiri man.

Multiple people have congratulated her on twitter for her Medal and coming in First in Order of Merit. While the criticism still remains,  Tina truly proves that her rank in UPSC  along with other merits is all a result of sheer hard work and nothing more. She truly proves that excellence is a habit not circumstance. Kudos to Dabi!

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