After TikToker Assault, Another Viral Video Of Pakistani Women Harassed On Road

pakistani women harassed
A disturbing video of Pakistani women harassed on the streets while travelling has surfaced on the internet, mere days after a female TikToker was reportedly assaulted by a mob of hundreds in the country.

The undated video, purportedly from Lahore, has gone viral with angry netizens resharing it multiple times over, scrutinising the systemic issue of gender oppression and the lack of women’s safety in Pakistan. Visuals show men on motorbikes lunging at a couple of women seated flanking a child as they travel in a rickshaw.

Blogger and activist Sadaf Alvi, posting the clip on Twitter, questions, “What excuse will Pakistani men pull out of their collective rectums to justify this?”


Pakistani Women Harassed: Here’s What Social Media Users Are Saying

This street harassment episode has sparked massive fury, especially given its timing of appearing online so soon after the August 14 incident when a female TikToker was attacked.

According to reports, the woman was shooting a video with some friends near Greater Iqbal Park in Lahore on the country’s Independence Day. A crowd of about 400 men collectively assaulted her and, as per her claims, tore her clothes and threw her into the air. A case was filed with police promising due action against the accused. Read an opinion on the incident here.

Women’s safety bears big question mark in Pakistan: Two back-to-back harassment videos proof

“Look how unsafe are girls in Pakistan. They can’t even travel in a vehicle without being harassed, forget about walking alone in a street. Disgusting public mindset!” a Twitter user wrote in response to the more recently emerged video of Pakistani women harassed on the road.

“Give Pakistani awaam a day or so, I’m sure they’ll come up with a story saying the women should’ve never taken the rickshaw alone,” another woman wrote.

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