Ever since Michelle Obama released The Michelle Obama Podcast on Spotify, she has had the audience hooked! In the latest podcast, she is in conversation with Conan O’Brien, the American television host. And they talk about relationships, her marriage, life, the millennial dating app culture and what not! One of the most inspirational women to look up to, the Former First Lady of the United States’ first podcast episode premiered on July 29th, while new episodes will keep coming out every Wednesday for nine weeks.

“You cannot Tinder your way into a long-term relationship.”

Talking about her married life with the former US President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama reveals that long-term relationships need time and commitment: “You cannot Tinder your way into a long-term relationship.” Admitting that marriage is quite a struggle for everyone and it has its own hard ways. She added, “But the question you have to ask is do you want to spend this life with somebody? Do you want to build something with someone?”

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“I took off my engagement ring.”

Michelle Obama also recalled one of her fights with her husband during the initial days of the relationship.“I got mad at him about something and took off my engagement ring, saying ‘Forget it, who needs this.’” Michelle told Conan. Adding on, she said, “I threw it where I would know it would go. I didn’t mean it. It wasn’t like ‘this is it’- it was effect.”

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“I wanted to throw him out of the window.”

We all have been gushing over Michelle and Barack Obama, hashtagging their pictures with #couplegoals, but ‘every relationship has its ups and downs’, as Michelle likes to say. She even confessed that during the tough days, “she felt that she could throw him out of the window”.

However, the golden words she has always told herself, that kept her going: Don’t quit. She also spoke about the times when she just wanted to give up and walk out on everything, away, but managed to stay throughout.

Earlier Michelle Obama took to Instagram to share a sneak peek into the latest episode. She captioned it, “It’s been another heavy stretch for so many of us. And this week’s episode of The #MichelleObamaPodcast is a conversation I had a little while back with my friend Conan O’Brien. It’s about marriage-a source of strength and perspective through times like these for so many of us. We reflect on our own marriages and experiences as parents—and talk about the importance of honesty, authenticity, and being your true self with your partner. And because it’s Conan, this one’s a lot of fun. I think we all can use that right now. Listen in at the link in my bio.”

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