Thrissur’s Mayor Ajitha Vijayan Supplies Milk To Households

Thrissur’s Mayor Ajitha Vijayan

Meet the mayor of Thrissur Corporation Ajitha Vijayan. The 47-year-old took up the mayor’s post last week, but couldn’t turn away from her old profession. She has been delivering milk to 200 households for the last 18 years and will continue to do so, reports Hindustan Times.

“Positions will come and go but you should be rooted to the ground,” Ajitha said

She was advised by many to start afresh and leave her old job behind as she is the new mayor in the town. She refused, saying that it helps her to connect with people than sitting on the mayor’s chair.

Ajitha represented Kanimangalam ward twice. While after her swearing in, people of the ward thought of looking for an alternate arrangement for their daily quota of milk, However, Ajitha surprised them as she kept her business going in the same manner. Every morning, she kickstarts her two-wheeler to deliver milk to the locals.

“My first priority is to make the city more women-friendly”

“I don’t like a role reversal. I have been doing this job for the last 18 years and love to continue this. Positions will come and go, but you should cling on to your roots well. I feel every job has its dignity,” said Ajitha, a CPI card-holder for 20 years.

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Her husband Vijayan runs a milk booth in Milma (owned by the state milk co-operative society) and serves as a party worker. She is a crucial member there and has helping him in delivery for 18 years. Her monthly earning is Rs 8000 to 10,000. “My day starts at 4.30 am. By 5.30, I am on the road and complete the supply in two to three hours. The corporation office begins at 9.30 am,” Ajitha Vijayan said,

Ajitha assured the party that her milk vendor job will not clash with the new assignment. “I found it to be a better way to connect with people. I meet people every morning and some of them share their problems and concerns. It helps me in taking instant decisions,” she added

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Cheers to your spirit, Ajitha!

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