Branded as witches, three women from a village in Devgarh Balia, Gujarat, were brutally beaten up by men from the village, including the women’s relative. The women were reportedly being considered as the reason behind illness in the village. A case has been registered at the Sagtala Police Station on Monday evening, and the accused are yet to be detained. Of the seven accused in the case, three were the women’s relatives.

Mother And Her Daughters Beaten Up While Working In The Farm, Branded Witches

The incident took place on Sunday, when a widow, Batli Chaku Bariya was working on the farm with her daughter-in-law Kana Baria, and Kana’s two daughters. Seven men from the village, including three of women’s relatives, barged in the farm and started abusing the women. The seven men as named by Batli were Aapsing Dhira Baria, Kanu Dhira Baria, Nagin Aapsing Baria, Dhanji Mohan Rathwa, Chetan Dhanji Rathwa, Vinod Mohan Rathwa, and Chandrasinh Mohan Rathwa, the Times Of India reported.

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Batli said that Aapsing, Kanu, and Nagin were related to her. When the men entered the farm, Aapsing was armed with a pipe, while the other two of her accused relatives were carrying sticks. Batli alleged that the group beat her daughter-in-law and her granddaughters because they consider them to be the reason behind people and animals falling sick in the village. As all this happened, Batli rushed to call her sons but the time they came, the accused had left the place.

The three women were injured and were rushed to Godhara for treatment. Batli got a case filed with the police on Monday evening and the accused are yet to be detained.

Last month, three women in the Muzaffarpur district of Bihar were labelled as witches and were brutally beaten up by the villagers, The Hindu reported. While the video of the incident went viral on social media, the police nabbed nine people accused in the case.

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